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Bimini Islands is our most popular and easy trip from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, as you only need one or two days to enjoy this beautiful island with luscious white beaches and turquoise blue waters. With only a 50-mile distance from Miami or a three to four-hour boat ride away, it’s the perfect weekend getaway. Remember to bring food and drinks onboard for your entire stay and our crew will gladly prepare and serve them while catering to you and your guests all the way. You may also ask us to take care of your provisions purchase and have it all prepared for you upon your arrival onboard.

Minimum duration: 2 days


Recommended: 3 days

Distance from Miami to Bimini: 3-4 hours (50 nautical miles) going 18-24 knots


Before starting your private yacht charter to Bimini Island in The Bahamas, allow us to get you acquainted with this tiny but fascinating island. It’s divided in three small Islands: North, East, and South Bimini, with North and South Bimini being the largest. Also, the name is derived from these two Islands (Bi Mini).


The Northside is only seven miles long and seven hundred feet wide. You only need a golf cart to move around and enjoy the shops, restaurants, and bars.


With only 182 people living on the South side you will encounter South Bimini Airport, a few small hotels, and private homes you can rent. The island is famous for Big Game Fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

South Bimini is more relaxing whereas North Bimini has more activity and is recommended by us. You have options of Marinas where to dock, from Bimini Big Game Marina to Resorts World Bimini Resort and Marina.


What to See & Do in Bimini Islands, Bahamas


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at SS Sapona Shipwreck


The SS Sapona Shipwreck was a concrete cargo vessel built by Henry Ford during WWII. In 1926 it was destroyed by a hurricane. Today it still sits on the Southside of Bimini Island, 3 miles from the shore. You can reach the Sapona shipwreck by your chartered boat and enjoy snorkeling reaching 20 feet deep. The beauty of the clear ocean makes it such a splendid landmark to enjoy a variety of sea fishes and sea creatures. Feel free to take amazing pictures while jumping off the shipwreck.


For scuba diving, we recommend Neal Watson Bimini Scuba Center. They are professional, patient and can accommodate divers of all levels.



Quick tips:


  • Have your waterproof camera or GoPro handy


  • Make sure you have plenty of snorkel equipment onboard


  • You do not need experience to snorkel

Big Game Fishing


All year round in Bimini is perfect for Big Game Fishing, however, there are certain seasons for specific fish like Wahoo, mackerel, white and blue marlin, tuna, grouper, snapper, and barracuda. No wonder Bimini earns the title of “sports fishing capital of the world”.


The best way to enjoy this trip is on a properly equipped fishing boat with a professional crew to assist you and your guests, ensuring an authentic fishing experience in Bimini.


Quick tips:


  • Game fishing chart to help for certain seasonal fish

  • Professional fishing crew is highly recommended

  • Plenty of food and drinks, and sunblock

  • Early morning fishing is the best time

Water  Activities

Being a small island, Bimini is surrounded by unreal turquoise waters which makes it a perfect location to relax in the sun on the pristine white beaches. Or for the more adventurous, there is also kayaking, paddle board, snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing. Your chartered yacht is fully equipped for water activities, but if anything is missing our crew will make sure to get it to you in no time! 


Golf Cart Cruising


Bimini is so small that renting a car is neither necessary nor an option. You can make your way around North Bimini in less than 30 minutes by golf cart. There are more than 10 golf cart rental companies on the island, making it easy to rent one for the day.


Do as the locals and take a short, leisurely drive to the corner store, or to eat at one of the many restaurants (pass by Bimini Big John’s Bar & Grill), head to the beach, or try your luck at the casino. The locals are incredibly nice and welcoming, always ready to give advice for the best local food and live music. There is also a daily ferry service between North and South Bimini, though you will find more to do on the North side.    

Our friends and partners at Bimini

  • Hilton at Resorts World Bimini

The ideal place to immerse yourself within the miles of Caribbean white sand beaches and turquoise waters. 



  • Bahamas Edith’s Pizza

Delicious homemade pizza with all the toppings, including lobster, conch, and shrimp, plus native dishes. 


  • Bailey Town, Bahamas 

  • Bimini Sands Resort

With over 200 units and a few different dining experiences, Bimini Sands is truly an island, condominium community of the Bahamas.

  • Stuart’s (Fabe’s) Conch Salad Stand

Fabe's Conch Salad Stand, also known as Stuart's Conch Stand, serves fresh conch salad daily, made to order.

  • Nearby Attractions

Looking for more places to visit around Bimini Island in The Bahamas?

We will meet and exceed your wishes by helping you organize and add more activities and destinations to your vacation. 

  • The Berry Islands

  • The Grand Bahamas

Here are some suggestions:

  • The Abacos

  • The Great Exuma

  • The Eleuthera Island/Harbour Island

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